Home on Leave

so long.It'd been a long trip back to his home in the small town of Lakersville, ChicagoBut as he reflected, it had been an even longer trip to get back to the States having spent the last four years taking cover in a filthy fox-hole in another dusty heap of sand called a country.He walked through the old town for a while, checking out the old

Hours of Sex at House Party

my nipples and said my name over and over, then he started pushing harder into me and I knew he was close, so I took my revenge, pushing him off me before he could cum, teasing him, once he had calmed down a bit I sucked him slowly from the tip to the base, getting faster as I went. By this point I was already getting horny again so I stopped

The Business Trip, Part 5

in ecstasy under him. She was screaming loudly enough for the neighborhood to hear."Fuck, Kyle! I'm cumming!" she screamed at the top of her lungs.Kyle felt her warm juices flowing over his cock. He continued to pound Emily through her orgasm. She moaned and screamed. Kyle could no longer hold back. His cock spurted, and his cum began to fill the

Peacock Palace Ch. 01: Newcomers

took the time to examine them. Alex's thin body showed little definition of muscle. His fair skin was contrasted by thick red hair that formed a line down his stomach, leading to his genitals. His penis was circumcised and was, as Catherine noted, of decent size.Jessica had a thin figure and pert breasts. She spent time on her body and was proud

My First Sex Teacher Shanthini

both on the handycam and my mobile phone. after that i turned them both off and waited for her to regain consciousness. the time was 1:00 now. i then gave a missed call to my mobile through her mobile so that i will send erotic messages to her every now and then. it took about another 45 minutes for her to regain consciousness. when she was

The Succubae Seduction 2: The Twins, Chapter 4

her.I wonder what their combined juices tastes like? she wondered. She pulled herself off the man below her, wanting to find the answer to that question. For a moment she felt free air up inside her, before her stretched muscles could close again. She walked—or it felt more like waddling—over to the other couple in the fountain and dropped her

My First Shemale Fuck

She slowly started fucking me then without a word began pounding muy ass hard and i mean pounding. This felt amazing cause she was hitting my prostate with evey stroke. My whole body was in in a world of pleasure. I felt like i was going to blow so i tried to grab my cock for some release. She slapped me an said i wasnt allowed to touch myself. I

Lingerie Shopping

correctly for my 38c’s.The saleswoman was helping another woman when I walked in, so I browsed around and found a few bras that looked nice.  So I went into the dressing room, while I was trying them on I heard at knock on the dressing room door.  I heard the door close and lock, I thought that was strange because the store wasn’t closing for at

Becoming My Husband's Hotwife (Parts 1 and 2)

my hands around it and stroked it all as he took my dark nipples in his mouth. God that felt so good, and having an audience made it all the better!Being as lost in the moment as I was, I guided his cock to my ready pussy, slowly lowering myself down on his magnificent 8 inches, moaning the deeper it was inside of me. I rode him slowly at first,

For This Night

over and over only increased his pleasure. He buried himself with more force than he meant to but he couldn't stop. The madness had him and he continued his frenzied motion like his life depended on it. She cried out his name, in pleasure, pain or both he couldn't tell and damn near didn't care. Her hips moved with his and every thrust brought

Complications Ch. 01

back to look at his impressive body. Next, taking a plug out of her pocket, she walks back over to him, stuffing his mouth full of the silicone cock."You better lube this up enough, or your ass is going to burn like hell."His face was full of saliva and silicone cock before she took it out of his mouth and shoved it half caringly, half forcefully

My Berlin Summer Ch. 09

no doubt to my careful attention to my duties and to the pleasure of my masters. I had no desire to feel the whip. "I will be absolutely obedient, master," I said. "I hope that my body will prove satisfactory." The man walked over to the dresser and returned with a whip in his hand. He held its handle to my lips. I licked and kissed it, fervently


the sex was far less hectic, Bull maintained his dominance. Bull had his own style of kissing, which was harder than I was used to, and he dispensed a serious battering to my lips. After a brief respite, the real Bull got going again. “Get into the doggy position,” he ordered. Positioning me at the edge of the bed, Bull instructed me to lower my

Death By Fucking Ch. 08

down from my climax when I felt another building in me. Andrew wasn’t going to be satisfied with bringing me off once. He is my god of pleasure. How does he know me so well? How can he fill me with such bliss? My hips were grinding against his mouth. He had a finger, no now two fingers inside of me. His tongue was working its magic on my nether

Making My Wife Happy

with another woman turned her on a great deal and she knew after her experience with Susan shed like to have sex with another woman. She didnt share that with Charlie, but she would cum again and again. When Charlie got home from the gym theyd make love and it was always great. She knew he was serious when he continued to bring up the idea of

First Time?

thinking about their shower experience and wondered if it would happen again.The next day, Jean got up, stripped in front of Sue, then went into the shower. A short time later Sue walked into the shower and started to soap Jean all over. Jean had larger breasts than Sue, and Sue made a special effort to massage both breasts and get her nipples


you into one lusty animal in time for the party."She unlocked the door to the cage and leaned in. "Don't move!" she ordered and jabbed the needle into Monty's butt and squeezed out the contents."Ow! What was that?" The injection site burned and the heat started to expand outward from the center."I'm not sure of the exact formula but Mom says it's

Male Virgin

told him that he was enjoying his punishment entirely too much and that he needed to be spanked.I made him lie over my lap and tucked his cock between my legs. I handspanked him enough to redden his cheeks. His cock softened, despite my squeezing it with my legs. In any event, he merely grunted at some of the slaps, and didn't use either of his

Bathroom Booty Call Part Two

on the sinks looked spot clean..."How the fuck did you find this place.?" I asked her. She smiled and pushed me down playfully on the soft floor as she straddled me again like she did in the classroom. I got instantly rock hard feeling her warm ass cheeks gripping my crotch area. Gently kissing my neck she whispered "The first few weeks of

Sommer Loven

demanding voice brought her thoughts back to the present. ‘Mama, I’m still at work. I don’t want to worry you, but I got stuck between floors in an elevator when the power went out.’ ‘That was hours ago, girl. You could have called before now. That child has been driving me crazy with her whining. Where’s Mommy? When’s Mommy getting home?’ Her

Frat Boy Games Ch. 4

and the next one will open you up like one.’ His hand groped her breast painfully as she pushed against him. He suddenly turned her around. Pushing his white robe aside, he pressed his cock against her back door. ‘You’ll have to eat your dinner cold, dear Anna.’ She realized he was slicked with Vaseline. In one quick push, he was in her. She was

A Thousand Bucks Ch. 05

falling. ‘Please don’t hit me again. I’m sorry, I promise to stay away from your woman. Look I have a wife on board. We had an argument and I had too much to drink and didn’t know what I was doing. I’m sorry.’ About that time I turned around and there was Jen. ‘Jarrod, please come back inside. There’s been enough trouble. Come dance with me?’ I

The Birthday Weekend Getaway

it carefully at Christi’s feet. Christi saw that it was a baby bunny with a broken front leg and quickly but carefully picked it up. She looked at the dog and said, ‘Good girl, Bubbles. Go find a treat, girl.’ The dog whined but went into the barn where she knew some treats were hidden in a crate. Christi carried the baby bunny and the basket of

Her, Him Me…Part Two

forearms. I pulled out and Jack licked my balls and fingered me as I released my cum over the pair of them. We were all dripping with sweat and cum and shaking with pleasure. We didn’t wash and just went to sleep in utter dirty bliss. And in the morning…. I was the first to wake up. I rubbed my eyes with disbelief at being smothered by these

The Arrangement Part 3: One More Round

with my own juices, and one tit hanging out of my vest - made me snicker. How absurd would it be if my husband inexplicably walked into the room unannounced, with his parents behind him, and then my parents behind them? Quite the diary entry indeed. I sat up, slowly, still conscious of the throbbing urge in my loins. The intense craving would not

Beyond Law, Beyond Morality Pt. 01

I didn't know exactly what was going on, and while I didn't feel overly threatened at the moment, I had no idea when I'd get the chance to eat again. Miranda ate more slowly, exhibiting far more refined manners than my own. This made me feel self-conscious, and I found myself slowing down to match her. The food wasn't going anywhere, I supposed.

Cody and the Professor's Wife

about it, Cody. I don’t think she’s too willing to give up that pussy.”“Not to mention,” said my other friend Darius. “Old Man Lattimore would probably kill you if you even thought about her, no matter how much of a MILF she is.”“You know how he is,” said Steve. “The bastard’s all about puttin’ white boys in a bad light. Imagine what he’d do if

Best Christmas Present Ever

this fuss…mostly. So you know I love my sewing machine. And I will never forget the year that my older daughter brought her little brother over for Christmas. I do not want to sound ungrateful for those or any other wonderful presents, but this is the story of my BEST Christmas present ever. So what was it, you ask? I was six years old and as

Awakening the Dragon

and pulled the lacy panties hard, hard enough to tear the delicate fabric. Her torn panties now joined her shorts, bunched around her left ankle, revealing her delicious slit. With two fingers, David made a quick exploration of her pussy and found her aroused and wet. Satisfied, David guided his cock to her cleft and began to push it

A Present for Momma

I was cumming hard right along with her. I find myself crying huge tears at the very same moment with her, to hear Johnny say to her that he loves me too. Those three little words, I'm in heaven, my body is now shaking uncontrollably, spasms of cum literally shooting out of me around the edges of that big jelly dick, my own hips bucking wildly.

I Lost My Job, What Will I Do? Part Five

this?” “I’m okay with this. You’ve become so experienced with sex. I’ve never been with somebody as sexy as you. I think it’s hot that you've been having all this hot and sexy fun with your stepfather.” “You’re okay with this theater thing. I mean it sounds really sleazy.” “It’s really very hot. We’ll be with you. You have nothing to worry

Recovery of a Hero Ch. 16

Megan was when she asked her. They were almost inseparable back then.’ ‘I sure miss her,’ I said. ‘I didn’t know many of her friends and I really didn’t know much about her either.’ I felt a few tears as I said that. I really do miss her. Jimmy said, ‘We all do. She was my friend for a long time too.’ ‘OK,’ he said. ‘Take your friends out for


around and saw it by the door, he must have left it when he filled out his card to leave the neighbours. I bent down to retrieve it, and as I turn around my robe untied its self. “Oops, sorry.” I quickly embarrassingly said, while he stared at my reveled woman hood. “It’s no drama, anytime, you have a nice body.” He said, smirking. “Thanks.” I

Henry's Punishment Ch. 01

at us, and then she was gone. "EVIE!" hollered Terry and I hurriedly pulled off my jacket. "Alright, then. Alright," I said and unzipped my jeans. "Here's the deal," he said, leaning against the gigantic closet that stood by the door. "You," he nodded towards me as I took off all my clothes and stood stark naked in front of their prodding eyes (I

Little Red Part #2

smiled. Big white shiny teeth showed. These man type animals had roamed the forests for years. Legend had it they found girls walking the paths and had their way with them. Some of the girls had even become pregnant from the encounters. Little Red had always wondered if these stories were fact or fiction. She now would know the truth. The warm

Procrastination Spanking

do tonight so I feel it is time to get this over. 'Okay Missy into the center of the room and keep your skirt bunched at your waist,' I order.I hear her mumble, 'Yes Sir.' She takes the coin from the wall turning to face me. Placing the coin on the nearest table she waddles slowly to the center of the living room not wanting her white panties

A rape to remember...

grunted and before I long, I could tell that he was about to spew his baby juice in my upturned ass. I couldn’t help it, and at almost the same time that he shot his hot sticky load deep in my buns, I came so hard that I literally stopped breathing and passed out. When I woke up, I was half dangling off the stack of concrete blocks with river of

Bondage can leave a man helpless

late, and that I would try to make it home by 11 so we could hang out at my new apartment. In truth I was sneaking over to her apartment early to play a little prank on her, I knew she would get home at five thirty and I planned on being there to surprise her. I walked up the stairs to her apartment, slid my key in the door, and let myself in. I

Mowing Dereks Lawn

you can start in my backyard. It’s becoming a jungle so don’t miss any spots; he said with a lovely smile on his face. I started mowing and when I turned with the lawnmower I saw Derek watching me through the window. A shock went through my body, but it was a nice one though. I just went on mowing when 5 minutes later Derek asked me if I wanted

Subway Train

suddenly there is room. I take a small step forward into the cold. The unfamiliar arm slowly slides out of my costume; I hope nobody sees that. At the second small step I take, I turn my head to see who I had the pleasure with. I look the guy in the eye. He's young, tall and handsome. Then I look at his crotch, in which a thick, hard cock

A Master's Lair Ch. 03

will NOT cum under any circumstances and you will not move an inch unless I tell you to. When I whip your ass, you will remain still. Got it?” Master Scott had spoken softly and yet she knew he was neither gentle nor kind. Amy spoke clearly as she said, “Yes Sir, I understand”. And she did. He proceeded to deliver several stinging blows to her

Photo Op

Marie gasped in surprise and turned her head to looked back at her husband. He had a large grin on his face. Marie couldn’t help but smile. She leaned up as Andrew leaned forward and their lips connected. Their tongues battling one another, Marie reached up and ran her fingers through her husband’s hair. She felt Andrew’s hand reach forward and

Julie’s Memoires: Visit to Brandeis 1970

I felt him entering me. I was so hot. I pulled him to me and started kissing him as he pushed into me. ‘This is gonna be good,’ It was! His cock moving slowly in and out, his chest rubbing against my tits, and us kissing and licking each other’s lips. It seemed to last forever. Fuck, fuck, fuck, kiss, kiss, kiss,… My arms wrapped around him, my

Roomies – Revelation [Part IV]

full access to my most sensitive nub. Instantaneously, my orgasm exploded. Oh god, Garrett! Yes! A muttering of words and groans. I was aware of his smile, but did not look at him. I was riding my pleasure for all it was worth. Never again, would this be a first. I had to adjust, moving my feet forward, just to balance myself. Bouncing, I was

Mixing Tennis with Sex: Part Four

for another round.” I’d stroked myself hard watching them. He got up from the floor, dripping their cum all over the floor. “She’s all yours. Give her another good pounding.” “Travis, I need a break,” she said trying to get up. I push her back on the floor, wipe her leaking twat, slid between her legs, thrust my boner into her. “I’m going to

The cock milker

her pussy and she bit me hard on my neck. I started fucking her pussy with my finger as she moaned louder and louder. She kept screaming don’t stop lover please don’t stop am almost there. I put in one more finger and she screamed and clawed my back within seconds her body jerked and she almost went limp in my arms. She slowly slid down on

Golden Goddess

hold it for you, and I don’t like being kept waiting at all.” She spoke in a calm reasonable tone that did not quite hide the throbbing anger beneath.I am fumbling with my buttons, but I am not fast enough. She tears my tunic open. I will have to resew two buttons before I put it in the laundry. She drops my face to her bare foot and I begin to

In Denial

like. Mine are so pitifully small..." I say as I cup mine and act sad. She takes the bait. "Oh sweetie, your breasts are fine, don't you worry," she says as she hugs me and her breasts squish right into mine. I nearly cum in my pants and I hug her tightly. My hands roam her smooth back and she rubs mine comfortingly. I bury my face in her neck

A Little Sister’s Yearning, Pt. 1

I could feel her head bob and hear her gag with each fire, but she had no dramas. No rebuttals.“Mmmmm-MMM!” she let out exuberantly as I drew my weary cock free from her breathing space. I danced my foreskin around Elly’s lips for a quick bit as cum still oozed from the tip, and managed to get some of her red lipstick smeared on it. Again, like a

Ingrid Ch. 05

wear clothes so that I could see all her beautiful freckles and red hair.’ ‘What else would you do with her?’ ‘I bet she would taste very good. I would want to taste her everywhere. Did you know that different parts have a different taste? Some parts taste very, very good.’ He was on a roll and enjoying the vicarious thrill of verbal

My Female Day

no time for that. When I emptied the bottle I stood up and had to rush to the toilet to expulse. I repeated it two more times with the last time using milk. The milk came out completely white meaning I really cleaned myself. I was completely hard by that time but I somehow managed not to play with myself. I filled the tub with water and waited

Rise of Roxy Ch. 02

never seen one done.’ ‘Oh hi Mr Robbins. I’m Robert’s wife. Please call me Sophie and I congratulate you on your recent appointment as chairman of this company.’ ‘Thank you Sophie. And is Roxy your daughter?’ ‘I wish. No she is presently staying with us while she attempts to find a new career direction.’ ‘What are you aiming to do Roxy?’

Cuckold Wife xxx

one man on sofa. That man was wearing only underwear. They were talking and playing with each other. As I tried to recognize face of man I came to know he was deepak a man living in flat just above our flat. He has second shift and returns home generally at 1am. I looked at clock it was 2. It means he directly come here from office. I was angry

A Little Sex Story

He moved down my body and bit me everywhere. My nipples felt his teeth engage in a true battle, one that he was going to win. He sucked them and pretended to be nice. Then he bit into my left nipple so hard that I jerked and gasped. Biting my lip, I swallowed and let the pain wash over me. He gave my right nipple just as much attention.Then he

A Quiet Night At Home

back on Mistress. This was another protocol, when in the same room as Mistress; my back was never to be turned toward Mistress unless directed.Returning, I extended the vibe open handed to Mistress. The small distance from the bed to the dresser and back had awakened my aching tits and nipples. The clothes pins were still attached and doing their

Coffee Shop Whore

that, you liked how it made her feel she wasn't even good enough to take the cocks of 6 lonely men in a coffee shop in the middle of the night. She moaned loud as her two of her fingers slid deep into her now drenched cunt. The sound of her sliding her fingers in and out was the only sound in the room and the first one finally stood up. Your

Meeting the Lady

shaved, it makes it easier to bind without hair in the way. Well, it is not a really big cock, but it doesn't need to be for what I have in mind, and nice balls. A little tight but I will have a lot of fun changing that," she said as she made a ring with her thumb and forefinger around the top of my scrotum pulling it down away from my cock and

Wants some lingerie

you think these might do the trick?” “Sam,” she said softly, “I don’t think so, but just to prove it to you, I’ll give them a try,” Then with his eyes nearly popping out of their sockets, she calmly stood up, smile and slipped off her bathrobe, revealing an expanse of flesh that nearly took his breath away. She took the black pair of oversized

What's Wrong With Me? - 2

grabbed a fist-full of his damp hair and pulled. He opened his mouth to scream, but the sound was muffled by my cock. I couldn’t take it a second longer. If I hadn’t shoved my cock into the boy’s mouth, I’d have wasted my load, spurted it all over the beach. That wouldn’t do, not when I had a beautiful naked boy, feeling lower than he ever

Oh, Mr. Patterson, Part II

with embarrassment. We both giggled quietly and ran upstairs. Mr. Patterson led me into his bedroom. I carefully closed to door behind me, I didn’t want to wake up Louisa. Mr. Patterson grabbed me by the waist and held me against the door. He began kissing me on my neck. ‘Mr. Patterson, I want you so badly,’ I whispered into his ear. ‘I want

Me and my Rampant Rabbit

of it and I could feel my wet heat starting in my pussy and that was something I was not going to ignore! It was one of my days off and I had the whole house to myself with no interruptions planned! Oh Boy! I put batteries into the base and looked at the buttons On / Off, Hi / Lo, Rotate On / Off and rotation direction. This was going to be a

Simple and Romantic Remedy

pill, honey. Promise to shoot it deep, okay?”“Yeah, I promise, mom,” I sighed as an answer. Our hips had already started moving gently and naturally together.We were holding hands and looking each other in the eyes, making little sounds: “Mm-hmm... Mm-hm...”A pretty blush had started rising on my mother’s freckled cheeks, and soon her breasts and

A cop gets cornered by a lady

down until she was kneelingon the rug in front of me. Extracting her hand fromthe revolver she gently cupped my taut ass and drew mecloser to her mouth. I expected her to take me intoher mouth and suck me off. But Oh no! Not this lady.Still kneeling and still with my cock grasped in herhand (skin pulled back tight) she took her free handaway from

David Pays His Bet

This was going to be much worse than hearing her moans over the phone and trying to not touch myself, this was real. I looked imploringly into her eyes and opened my mouth to ask her to let me out of the bet. At that moment she looked right past me exclaiming with a wide smile..."Dora!!! You look divine in that teddy!!"I turned slowly and indeed

Kitty Girl and the Girls of KINK III

Do you have a preference?” Unable to speak, I simply shook my head, my tags jingling softly as I imagined myself trapped in the stocks, bent over, helpless to escape as every guy in the room lined up behind me and… “I think it’d be much more fun for her to see, Laura.” “Me too.” Laura began unwrapping my wrists, freeing my arms from behind my

Bedside Essays of Victory Delmar

sucking at her pussy. She looked down at the top of Ingrid’s head and watched as the hot water ran down her chest and stomach into Ingrid’s face and mouth. Victory leaned back again against the wall and lifted one leg up and grabbed her knee, holding herself wide open for Ingrid’s mouth and hands. Ingrid pushed her fingers into Victory’s pussy

Sara's revenge fuck, part 2

and Ken light kisses, but her lips and tongue lingered, when she kissed Don. “Thanks for the fun,” she told him, sweetly, “I wish I’d been awake for all of it, though. Y’all boys made me a little sore, but you and me aren’t through.” She looked across at the other boys and said, “Thanks, guys, see y’all later.”Neither Roy nor Ken ever fucked Sara

En Vacances Part 5: Fucktoy Tease

shivering, orgasmic me. I’m clinging to the balcony rail, my body shaking from the after tremors caused by Anita’s fingers’ twin assault on my arse and pussy. Ejaculant drips from between my legs, my vagina an open faucet with a stopcock that can’t quite be fully closed, my thighs streaked with its slippery wetness, my calves and feet splattered,

a beautiful boy

was put into my bunk room.  He was just 18, the same as me, slim, blonde, and bloody beautiful, with long hair he'd have looked like a girl. I sugested that we went into town that evening for a few drinks.  We went into a bar I knew, and as soon as we sat down 2 bar girls sat next to us.  We bought them a drink, coloured water of course, whilst


Her little pussy was vibrantly alive, tingling with the rampant pulses of gratification, muscles clenched, heart pounding sweat pouring, she couldn't control herself, the orgasm came, a violent unequivocal shudder, a scream of utter delight as wave after wave of satisfaction consumed her."Oh........... Ohhhhh.............. What happened to me? It

Their Brother, the Maid

and he suffered one last round of squeezing and stroking as each girl left."If that is all," he stated, "I am going to get out of this costume, and then I am going to bed."Laura was by his side before he reached the door. Luke looked beseechingly at his mother, who just grinned at him. Then, Monica was behind him, and he had a hand firmly held by

Plumper Lesbians

hands as I touched my breast. The one feature I have always loved myself, my 42DD’s, the way they feel when I squeeze them. As I pinched my nipple with one hand I closed my eyes and let my other hand wonder down my stomach and to my mound. I shaved earlier hoping to feel Ty’s tongue for the first time, so my fingers came across a smooth surface.

Halloween & Pirates

hidden behind a thick buff waistcoat with trousers to match, round his throat is a small black cravat, over his shoulders a long heavy blue coat with gold epaulettes and around his waist a thick leather belt from which hangs an officers sword."Hey Joe, you think Doris & Stanley been watching Pirates of the Caribbean?" he laughs.Bluedenim is still

Challenge Accepted

more. I wanted him to fuck me until it hurt. Until I would I never be able to be with another man again, because it was only him. Only Aidan could make me cum like this, only Aidan could make me this wet."Aidan, Aidan, Aidan," I chanted into his mouth.His cock was bouncing me against him and his hand on my shoulder pulled me back down. I

I fell in love with my next door neighbor

I suddenly looked up and there she was: splendorous, superb, I got almost mad at seeing her gorgeous body.  She wasn’t indifferent or apathetic this time and smiled at me. I pretended I was a nice neighbor and said hi. I approached to her nicely, but she got in the apartment. I felt as if she was drawing me into her place; she sat on the large

Wifes Fantasy

an impression, she wore a low cut short blue dress that showed off her lovely figure and looked stunning and had no idea about what was about to happen. He arrived about 8 and when I let him in and introduced them, the look on her face was a picture, she followed me into the kitchen and whispered, ‘Is this for me?’ I just smiled and said ‘Have

You wnat me to do what? Part 2

the dominate one of the two. She was very bubbly and outgoing while Dan was quiet and reserved. She was a little pushy but Doug appeared to be enjoying the attention she was giving him. I could tell from the start that she wanted going home with my Doug.Getting to the club side of the restaurant, Heidi grabbed Doug pulling him to the dance floor.

Mistress J's Stepmother!

eating pussy. I think the taste of pussy juices for me is a perfect aphrodisiac keeping me hard as long as I'm licking. I could hear Jackie ordering Judi to start licking her clit. I found out later on that just by flicking her clit ring this stimulated her orgasm just like it was ringing a bell. When Jackie started to come I was sucking on

Head Out On The Highway

I reached the point where I needed to fill that pussy with some cum. She was panting now against my face, and continuing to cum on my jeans. I felt the juices soaking my lap. I started spurting up into her pussy. I saw her mouth open in a scream. Damn, this was good fucking. I pulled into a parking lot of some business there in Hinkley. I went to

Slippery When Wet

and she grunted as she felt first contact. With one hand he rubbed the knob of his cock up and down the opening to her inviting pussy and he began to push in. Sarah opened her legs further and reached down with both hands and with her forefingers held open her pussy until his thick knob was inside of her.I watched on as Scott's cock disappeared

Robyn’s Massage

lifting her hips off the mattress and closing his lips around her clit sucking and pulling hard with his teeth. Her fingers pulled at his hair, she called out in a hoarse voice begging…’ Anri..Annri….’ She didn’t need to say anything more, he moves over her, crushing her lips under his in a hungry kiss before he flips her to her stomach. He lifts

The Good Guy all the Bad Girls Want part 1.

a face and reached up to fiddle with my right ear. "Well, you're more, ah, uh," What are you saying? Don't go there, you idiot."Mature?" said Sharon who was staring at me hard as if she was figuring out what sort of man I was.Oh boy. Way to go lame brain, "Sorry, I didn't mean to sound so patronizing."Ruth, who was sat in the middle of the trio,

Olympus has Fallen Ch. 04

at the first opportunity. Being assigned part of the invasion force tasked with an attack on Aphrodite's temple, the men in Xernon's platoon were beyond excited. The allure of the nubile acolytes of the Greek Goddess of love being famous even in faraway Babylon. Seeing the main force pull away towards the main island, and his squad of one hundred

3-way Surprise

the first time they’d ever kissed one another. I raised myself up on one elbow and scooted aside as they laid down and continued their exquisite mouth dance. What a wonderful front-row seat I had – inches away as two gorgeous women lost themselves in intimate passion. Marie was on the other side of, but kind of on top as Dayna lay on her

Dragon Clans Bk. 01 Pt. 22

placeholder. He had done all that he could over the years to hold the line against the darkness, but had he truly done that, or had the loss of ground simply been to small to notice as the line moved inexorably in favor of the enemy. Shaking his head Ian put such thoughts out of his mind, tonight was not a time for such ruminations, tonight was a


she needed to cry. He put his hand on her shoulder. ‘I’m all right,’ she said. ‘You know, when we came up to your room so we could talk, I didn’t think we do this much talking,’ he said, smiling wryly. She grinned. ‘Sorry you came?’ She leaned over to kiss him. He put his arms around her and held her against his body. Neither of them was sorry.

Realising Im A Lesbian – Part Five – some people never learn

a head ache. I rolled over and pulled Nikkie closer. And tried to get back to sleep. But I could hear someone breathing, like angry breathing, and looked towards the end of the bed to see Cayla there, looking as angry as she could get. I was afraid she might have turnt green and ripped me apart. Oh for gods sake Cayla fuck off and get over it I

An Afternoon Visitor

cuff above her left elbow and then do the same to her right. As her elbows are locked together behind her back Gemma takes in a deep breath and her tits are pushed out tremendously from her flexibility. I stand close behind her and drink her in. She slowly gyrates her hips and rubs her tight little ass on my growing cock. I stop her and spin her

Nauti girl

since my ex and I broke up. Shaking off my erotic thought, I proceeded to lay out my towel so I could tan my back. As I began to drift away, I imagined a sexy guy fingering my pussy and fucking me slowly. I began to grind against my towel lightly without thinking about it. This was it, I needed some release because I was way too horny. I rolled

Kate, Catherine and Big Black Cocks! Chapter 4

a few days, it was 4:30 in the afternoon almost time to go home when her phone beeped, alerting her to an incoming text. She gasped as she opened the picture window! It was a photo of her naked and bound in the bondage hammock where she had been raped and brutalized,.. with a huge black cock in her mouth and one stuck in her pink little pussy

Betting the wife Part II

her whites were showing and I realised she is tripping with her first ever whiff of direct uncut coke. Her slender form soon got lost from view as men gathered and poured over her. I could only hear her grunts and gagging noises, and the occasional glimpse of her sweaty and drenched face as the men let her take a gasp of air now and then. Soon

My First Time – Please Pass The Butter

phone and was interacting with her just enough to keep her going, but he was only doing it because he was bored and was amused by the act of leading her own. I flirted with her throughout my shift. I could tell that she was a little bit touched in the head, but over the phone she didn’t sound like the straightjacket type. By the end of my shift,

Requiem for a Hero

he had died honorably. Just prior to the Normandy Invasion, he had served in North Africa. Out of his battalion, only 14 of the original 200+ survived. He never really told a lot of stories about the war, but when he did you would never forget them. I recall sitting at the kitchen table with him as he told me a tale of how he saved one of his

Total Woman Requests 05

checkbox and fill-in-the-blank forms were required for later review by staff with the students. Variety was compulsory. If he dwelt too much on any one student, his freewill selections would be restricted. He would be delegated to a roster with a randomly assigned schedule of students to tutor. ‘Spread the wealth around’ was the mantra for

Bowl Me Over

turn and crashed into the pins, sending them all flying. Tim stepped up to the approach after picking up his favorite ball and studied his target. Stiff and awkward, he went through his delivery and threw the ball down the lane. It missed the head pin as the ball slid to the right. Tim came back to the ball return trying to stretch his arm and

The Cuckold Journal of Jane and Mark – Part I

meant, all I knew was that it was a term used for husbands whose wives were unfaithful to them. I had never been unfaithful to Mark and had never really considered it seriously. Sure, like most women my age who are married and have young children, it is nice to flirt occasionally. It is good to know that men still find you are attractive even if

F.B.I.: It Means Female Body Inspector (Part 1)

to forget. He smiled inwardly, lifted and curled his legs over his desk, and brought his pen to his mouth, “God, what an ass she had! The things I do to that, fuck!” His dick stirred a bit under his pants making him shift uncomfortably at his seat. With that, his mind was back to work, but the stirring image of Carla Martinez’s ass, shapely, high

Mistaken Identity

cleaning people must have hit the phone junction with the vacuum cleaner. I had a new one and could probably have it changed within a half-hour or so. As I was finishing up installing the new junction box, I heard Jack come out of his office again."Joan, I have to go up to the seventh floor to meet with my brother Steve. He is having one of his

The Camera Club

Bob, 38, and at 5’9′ and 15st a bit on the chubby side with a white complexion. Then there is Mark, the youngest at 22, he works out, and around 5’8, dark hair and fairly dark skinned. Then there is john and Paul, twins in their mid-30’s, average build, 5′ 10, blond hair and fair complexion. Next, old tom, in his late 50’s, grey hair, average

Unforgettable Vacation

Scared out of my mind, I pulled my hand away and closed my eyes. While I slowed down my heart rate, I figured out that I must have touched her pussy. This gave me an idea. Why just touch her ass? She had tits, too, right? After waiting about 10 minutes, I slipped my hand under the sheets and gently felt around for her tits. I laid my hand on the

A Lush Encounter

lust as she unzipped my jeans and desperately, somewhat clumsily freed my by now raging cock from it's confines and then, much more dexterously pulled her skimpy cut offs to the side along with her laced thong and impaled my stiff cock into her velvety pussy.She was insanely lithe and almost feline as I watched over her shoulder. Her perfect tits

Mistress Hannahs Pathetic Husband Part 2

manly during college, but now that I had a good career, I guess it was okay to look ‘cute’. Hannah also scheduled a piercing appointment for me. I went straight from work one day and met her at the piercing parlor. Hannah had requested a woman to do the piercing and the young woman who served us introduced herself as Amy. She was a little

Fuck my aunt

my cousin was school and Dimple was at home. My mother told me to bring something from her. When I entered her room she was searching for something and didn't notice me. She was wearing a backless saree . Her ass was facing me . I got turned up. I then from back pressed her boobs and her ass was touched by my dick. She said I had not called

My Awakening Still Grows Darker (Part III)

bounds, but yes all."As he started to shave the hairs, he stretched the skin taught on my balls and slid the razor down removing the hair effortlessly. Then he kissed the soap covered head and said, "I may take you up on that."He positioned my prick straight up, holding it in place while he shaved down the shaft to my ball sack. Then a little on


we could get away with it. Please, no hard feelings, okay everyone?” JOHN: “Jesus Christ, she’s a HE! I just fucked a man in the ass!” JAMES: “Her dick is bigger than mine!” MARY: “Holy shit! She’s a HE! HE’S A SHE! What the hell are you?! I’ve just been fucked by a guy – but that was no guy kissing me! Holy crap!” Everyone was laid out


between her legs. Not wasting any time, because I know she is already hot. I stick out my tongue. I start licking from the bottom of her slit up to her clit and back down. I can smell how hot she is. She smells so sweet. You have taken off your clothes. You move up the bed, positioning your pussy right over your sisters face. You push it right

Cooling Down

was an eminent, middle-aged, up and coming professor. He was making huge progress at MSU and knew that it could all come crashing down if Anastasia were to hook her claws into him.Anastasia wanted to do that, very much. From the start of the college year she had firm intentions on Professor Federov. She had looked his surname up on Google and

Madison Pt. 01

bra, and collapsed down onto her nipple, and pinched sharply. The sensation momentarily froze Madison in place. The grip... the feel... the sharp pressure on her tender nipple... it all had a familiarity to her that was starting to resonate. Again, Madison thrashed about, trying to free herself. It was met with another sharp pinch on her nipple.

Husband to Master Ch. 02

later for not completing the task set." Joe had known his whore wouldn't be able to manage ten cards, but had set it as a test just to see how far she would go to try and please her Master. He was a little disappointed that she'd only managed five, but he began to read them with Zoe knelt at his feet, juices dripping from her cunt, her fingers

Milking Kimberly

her head as a pillow. This brought her mouth closer to where the head of my cock appeared between her pressed-together tits when I slid forward, and every few thrusts I would push far enough so she could take a couple of inches into her mouth. My mind reeled, overwhelmed with sensations: the feeling of Kimberly's soft, pouty lips taking my cock

The Winston Family Adventures Pt. 04

her hands and knees while Michael entered her doggy style. It took another ten minutes for them both to have their final orgasm. Madison became so loud Michael had to shove her face down into a pillow just keep her from waking everyone in the house.“Oh my God, Michael….that was the most amazing orgasm ever,” she breathlessly whispered.“Speaking

The crystal

still had to take a pill every day to keep from getting pregnant. Her friends chided her for being so old-fashioned. After all, modern sex wasn’t risky anymore. But she wanted to be prepared anyway. She grabbed the card with the pills, punched out the Tuesday one, took it and dismissed the reminder.She finished getting ready for the day and

Freedom Day Eve

importance of fucking, when he blurts out, “I put a vibe in her ass. Your reason doesn't compare.”Looking over at me, he snarls, “Hey Bogart, share!” I snort with laughter and pass Creed the blunt.Back to the game, Tony speaks. “My balls are bigger. You did see her go straight for them, didn't you?”Creed pulls up into a standing position, his

Carrying the Flame Ch. 07-08

his father in law to the kitchen where Olivia was making a pot of tea. ‘What did the doctor say?’ Olivia wanted to know. ‘Callie and the baby are fine. Some bruising around Callie’s …’ Cooper couldn’t bring himself to say it and was glad when he saw Olivia and Lucas nod knowingly. ‘How did she seem after we left last night?’ Lucas asked. ‘I’m

Hearts & Roses

fluid poked up against her. She laughed and reached down and gave it a little tug. I bent my head down and we kissed. Our bodies were warm from the burning wood in the fireplace, but the heat that built between our bodies was from a passion that could only be fueled by love. The air was strong from the scent of perfume, and the sweet tangy smell

Unexpected school day

on my mind for months. She was what I wanted. A horny 16 year old high school student. Horny and willing to do anything.As I got off the streetcar in front of our school, I saw her arriving the opposite way. She was wearing a short, red skirt with a black, soft low-cut shirt tucked in. Sadly, she wasn’t wearing tights, but I knew something lots

One For Her – Kinky Surprise

and excitedly made my way to the hotel. I made sure I was early as I didn’t want you waiting for me, so I went to the bar and ordered a bottle of wine. I turned round and got a massive shock as I suddenly saw someone that I knew and our eyes met! My heart missed a beat, but almost instantly I remembered it was actually a lady who I had chatted to

Bared Fangs

on her and pushed his cock deep in her, the moans of pleasure and ecstasy mixed in unison. Joe thrust in deep going inch by inch until his cock was buried in her wet hot pussy. He kneeled on the bed and told her to turn onto her stomach, he put on bonds that were attached to the bed frame, locking her in tight, he mounts her again, and as he does

The First Step

by other striking beauties. I couldn’t believe it when Beth agreed to go to a nude resort! I was seriously looking forward to a little rest and relaxation, as well as the obvious visual banquet.Saturday started out a little lazy. The pool was an immense freeform structure with a large shaded swim up-bar at one end. To my delight, nude women were

Wrestling With Life’s Cruel Irony Ch. 04

daughter heard Royce crying. After feeding the baby they shared openly with each other. Calmly Tara listened to her daughter’s affirming that she and Jeff were going to remain married. She listened to how they wanted to expose Vince for his true self and that the report was going to help give them information to that end. Tara nodded when her

Diary of a Pain Slut Week 05

However... There is always a "However..."The however in this case is that I cannot be released from court-ordered treatment until all "fees, fines and restitution has been fulfilled." And court-ordered therapy does not mean court paid for therapy. I qualified for public defender because I was 18 and a college student, but the hospital stuff was

A Taste of Honey

I had danced every dance with Brandi not really caring to dance with any other, I had to go the bathroom I wish I hadn't, for when I emerged Brandi was heading out the door. As I gave chase, Andrea jumped in my way to the doors."Hello Paul, you know you ought to dance with the female committee members, after all they were responsible for your


live for very long after they cut his manhood off, as they would almost certainly chop his head off too.The slave pushed him and they walked, Arram sometimes stumbling because he couldn't see his own feet. After a while the bag was removed , and he blinked and looked around. He expected to see a dungeon or a torture chamber, but instead he was in

Coming of Age

hand went into overdrive on my cunt with a finger inserted deep within me and his thumb pressing hard against my clit, rubbing and thrumming it. It was more than I could take! I began shuddering with the most powerful orgasm I had ever experienced in my young life. I squeezed my milky thighs together, pressing Rick’s hand even harder against my

Solace & Rosanna Ch. 04

front of her holding a tall glass of ice water. “Thank you,” she said as she took the glass. “No prob.” Casey answered and sat next to Rosanna with her own drink. They downed their beverages, Rosanna drinking hers in a single swig. “Wow! You really were thirsty, “ Casey exclaimed. “I was parched. Thanks.” Rosanna said beginning to rise. “Where

Night Shift 2

he had me .I started sucking him , trying to do the best I could do , he was eaven larger than Mike, lot larger!Finally he takes my head in his hands and is fucking in and out of my mouth, my jaw was starting to hurt but then he pulled out of my mouth and told to to get up. When I stand up he reaches out and pushes my panties down and I step out

Alan Ch. 06

There are people around. Someone could catch us, ugh ugh, at any minute. We, ahhhhh, shouldn’t, ohhhhhhh, be, Ohmihod, doing, ooooh, this.’ Alan had been slowly lowering her onto his impaling hardness, and by the time he was completely buried in her, her protests had ceased. She lifted her bra cups over her tits and brought up Alan’s hands in

Getting a promotion for my husband

another long look down my dress. “You are a very beautiful woman Beckey” Brock then motioned to someone and the lights dimmed. As we danced he began to draw me closer, and as he did I could feel his cock beginning to brush against me. Soon it was clear that he was getting a full blown erection. He drew me closer and closer to him. He slid his

Polly,Sandy & Steve

roaring right over the top.Sandy held my face in her hands as I gasped, grunted and moaned as my body stiffened and convulsed as my orgasm ripped through my body. Her face was now touching mine and I could smell her perfume and hair spray and, as I opened my eyes, she breathed softly kissing me lightly on my lips.“Oh God Sandy, Oh yes” I moaned

Lilith, a Devils Revenge

wondered to herself walking down the hall to the Headmasters room. She slowly opened the door to see a younger image of Father Clain getting up from his bed. He suddenly looked over and was shocked to see the devil before him."Are you Father Clains grandchild?"The man fearfully nodded grasping the crusifix from the back of his bed. She didn't

Caroline and Mr. White – Part Four

tell from my face that I was surprised that her parents were letting her wear such short shorts. “Dad was shocked when he saw me in them,” she said, “but mom told him that a girl with legs as pretty as mine should be allowed to show them off.”“Good for your mom. Dads can be so conservative about their daughters.”“Don’t I know it? Sometimes I

Sung Hees New Job – Part Three

find your attire for the lunch meeting you’ll be attending. Get dressed and meet me in my office.RickI unbuttoned my blouse and took the clamps off of my nipples. The pain with them on had been intense, but when I took them off and the blood flowed back into them, there was about half a minute of searing fucking intense pain. I gasped briefly as


in the Meteorology Dept. He had oversight of the whole operation, with twelve subordinates to get the needed info out to the military commands. He was actually very happy here, and had the eye of a female officer also assigned to the Pentagon. Nothing stirring yet, but the pot was boiling. And then who should walk into his office???

Car trouble

I said. "You really don't know, do you?" she said. Then she was laughing again, as she drove off. Stopping a few feet down the road, she leaned out the window, and then with a big smile, yelled back, "It's not everybody who flags down a car for car troubles with their cock hanging out of their pants." Then with a loud laugh, she sped off,

A Birthday To Remember

pinch on my right nipple sending an urge right in between my legs. My hips bucked up and he knew I needed more. He made his way down my stomach with his hands spreading my legs apart, caressing my inner thighs... my skirt rose up with every motion. He started rubbing me without moving my panties out of the way. I felt his nose against my thigh as

A Religious Experience

be seen beneath the transparent fabric. She came over to the bed where I was still dressed and leaned over to French kiss me passionately. She brought my hand to her left breast and pressed against it. I swear I could feel her little heart beating away. We were still for a while, enjoying the contact and eroticism of the moment. Smiling, she

New Bucket Seats

up, standing next to the car to pull on his trousers. I wondered naively if his cum would leak out when I got up to get dressed. We finished dressing and drove back into town, barely saying a word. I knew then that I loved to be fucked and I loved to suck his cock and whenever he asked, I would say ‘yes’! As we drove, Dick just smiled a satisfied

Kylee's Redemption

that had made her blood pound frantically through her veins, and not mainly out of fear. Excitement, delirium. Marcus stepped into the shower now, scattering Kylee’s thoughts like spilled sugar. The naked girl turned, her eyes flaring as Marcus yanked her from the shower, dragged her to the bedroom and threw her onto the soft comforter. “Marcus,

Meeting Chris

I have am hard as a rock just standing here, talking to you.’ Chris definitely took a sharp breath and her eyes narrowed, ‘you are?’ ‘How could I not be talking about sex like that?’ I almost heard the gears grinding in Chris’s eyes and didn’t know if I had gone too far, been to bold. Then a big smile spread across her face and she asked in a

From BFF to Slave in One Day

with a cucumber ever since she accidentally walking in on Clyde masturbating to fellatio once. It was pure bliss, but it wasn't enough for Clyde. He grabbed her by the ponytail and pushed her down deeper. Her eyes shot open and she moaned in protest. "Your only barrier is psychological. You just need to know you can do it at least once for it to

Webmeets Diary Ch. 02

to for months, so I pushed him gently away and rummaged in my trouser pocket on the floor.Meanwhile Jason had sat down on the side of the bed, where I passed him the condom I'd been searching for, and while he was putting that on I got out the tube of KY jelly I'd brought and began smearing it around my arse, before squeezing some into my palm

Lizzy the Large - SILF, Stepmom I'd Like to Fuck

From the top of her high heels sandals, which leaves her very elegant and very, very pert, like a curvy catwalk model.Lizzy stops in front of a hotdog vendor man with those hotdog carts… he's on the pavement when she approaches. "Excuse me!", she says. As of the moment she talks to him, the vendor guy gets the shivers and stands still. "Y-yes?",

Luc & Jenny- chapter 1

out of it sent me over the edge. I buried my fingers deeper inside my burning pussy and I came.………………………………………………………………………………………………My cock quickly diminishing in size in my hand, I turned around…Jenny was standing in the doorway, her hand buried in her jeans, a look of bliss on her face. ‘What are you doing here?’ I asked.She opened her eyes

Haleys Au Pair Adventure

on a boy. She thanked him as he lugged one of her suitcases into the beautiful home. Another boy, Landon, ran outside to help as well. He was only 12 but he also looked very mature and manly for his age, a smaller and less muscular version of Parker. Haley smiled, at least they were cute! The youngest was a 10 year old boy named Aiden. He had

Another Chat

But she’s sick a lot.’ Sue genuinely smiled. ‘Both my grandmas stood up for me, and my mom’s mom spoiled me rotten. I had a lot of problems with my dad when I hit puberty. He really didn’t know what to do with me.’ Another thought. ‘Do your mom and dad think they’ll be blamed for not raising you right?’ ‘I … I don’t think that’s it. They sort of

A Family Three-Way

still erect cock. She gulps. Her mum was right. Harry was sexy, intensely so. There had been a few times where she had wondered what it would be like to have sex with him, she never thought about it seriously though. But now, seeing his cock out in the open, sticking up hungry for pussy, she felt herself getting wet as she thought again of what

Island Fever 5: Family Ch. 21

the side,bombarding her face and neck area with sweet kisses. At thesame time, Scarlett reclined back between Trish's outstretchedlegs and settled comfortably against her front. Trish firstran her hands along Scarlett's full, beautiful baby bump, butthen trailed them upward and massaged those massive, swollenbreasts. Scarlett tilted her head

Love, Trust and Communication Ch. 06

me? Would you wear my grandmother’s ring as an engagement ring? Will you spend the rest of our lives together? May we marry our fortunes together?’ He never did things half way. ‘Mr. Scott Jones I would love to marry you and …’ he reached over and pulled my face to his. This was right, there are no misgivings, there are no questions. Curt went

A changed Woman

bore you with repeating myself.In June of this year I attended a Company Sales Conference in Orlando Florida. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. You put a bunch of Salesman/women in a luxury hotel away from their spouses and supply them with plenty of alcohol and naughty things are bound to happen. Well, I have been to many conferences and other

Student Lesbian BDSM Ch. 09

gown and nothing on my feet. Regardless, I ran out onto the gravel path overlooking the car park and upwards so the main parking area was in view. At the very furthest end I spied Erica walking slowly up the middle of the car park, kicking some stones on the ground and crying mindlessly. I ran as fast as my legs would carry me. I was weak and

The Recruitment Process

teamed with my ivory satin shirt looked both sexy and professional.“Come and take a seat at my desk Mr Simpk ... Graham!” I smiled as I turned and led Graham to my desk. He sat opposite me, and handed me an envelope containing the required ID documents and other paperwork. As I leaned forward to take the envelope I couldn’t help but notice

Marcie’s Problem

miss this one.”They stripped as they watched their friend fucking her. Marcie gained a lot of strength when these spells came over her. She used that strength to squeeze her pussy tight. It was too much for William, and he came after just a couple minutes in her.She squeezed him out like toothpaste out of the tube. “Next.”Jim stepped up to take

A Pirate Quest Chapter 2 - Charting A course

been trying to plot a course by following Captain Morgan’s instructions. She was nearly there, just a few more things to iron out.Sabina sat on the couch with the diary in hand. She started reading it, lifting the diary in the air to read it. She yawned again and her eyes started to give way. It was only a matter of minutes and she was fast

Vampire slave

my body, going a speed I didn't know was real. I moaned and screamed his name " JEREMY!!!!!!!!!!!!" Master slaped me accross the face and slaped my ass several times. " THAT IS NOT MY NAME TO YOU!" I Quickly corrected myself and said master. I was soooo close to cumming and so was he. " Who does this pussy belong to? Huh? Who" I was so close to

Lost At Sea, Book 2: Drifters, Chapter 5

didn’t know where to look. Unbidden thoughts of the apprentice witch having carnal relations with men rushed into her mind. She glanced around for something to focus on, anything but Tonya, her eyes finally just falling on her own feet. The strappy leather shoes she’d borrowed were ridiculous. They had a heel that made walking nothing but

Schoolgirl fun

select a couple of guys to be sat down with all of us girls. They were blindfolded and told not to stand up. If we could do this in a private room where the other guys couldn't watch then all the better. Then we would do our best to "provoke" them as they sat there. This meant whispering in their ear, kissing their neck, caressing their legs and

George, ISolde and the Brass Ring Polka Band Ch V

arm, it’s kinda hard to hide a salmon-colored VW. You don’t see too many of those around. Especially with a license tag that says ‘POLKA’.” George grinned. The personalized tag had been a birthday present from Isolde last year, and he was especially proud of it. “Anyway,” he went on, “I’ll tell you both after Isolde comes back out. It looks

Ray and the Halloween Party

of mascara and powdered my nose as Ray watched. “That’s not helping Lisa.”    “Come on, big boy, let’s go in and blow everyone away.” I said. OK, he said. Ray held me steady as I maneuvered over the uneven gravel in high heels and tipsy from the tequila. As we got to the door his hand slid down and caressed my ass just as the door

My wife Tina

think you just might be right! Tina turned and looked at me and asked if I were ready to go again. I told her I was and she said, Tear my ass up then baby, let me take it on my back while James straddles my face and fucks my mouth. Can you set the camera up to catch all that? I put the camera on auto and set it on the dresser with the lens on

Student Tryst-Wake Up Call

how hard his cock was. I smiled. I turned over. I opened my eyes and saw his staring right into mine. ‘Good morning, Master.’ I smiled. ‘Good morning, pet.’ Master kissed me deeply. ‘Did you sleep well?’ ‘Very well, Master.’ I replied as I started stroking Master’s cock. ‘Celeste.’ He groaned. ‘Yes Master?’ I replied innocently. ‘What are

Jill Submits

men quickly said yes, mumbling that they could call into the shift manager for a needed break. Jill was still stunned from her orgasm, and could barely comprehend what had just happened. Her Mistress pulled her up by her leash, as the dildo slipped out of her, toppling onto its side. She followed her Mistress and the deliverymen inside.Mistress

The Park in the Dark

he asked me what these bums looked like...theres one of them i said as i pointed to a guy in an alley trying to hide..he stopped the car..jumped out and chased the bum..then in jumped jimmy and slammed the door of the still running car...i was stuck in the back..he parked the car in an ally farther into the west side of town and pulled me

Cloister House Part 2: Introductions

represented. As we passed a small bronze sculpture of a faun reclining on a rock, I remarked on its fineness. "Ah, so you have an eye for beauty! That is, the beautiful in art, as opposed the beautiful in flesh; your admiration for my friend Sophie was quite plain for all to see." I blushed again and stammered out some fragmentary denial, then

Second Chances

what we want, exactly when we want it.That’s what made things so frustrating. Much as I don’t want to admit it, my middle-aged brain has been re-wired to operate in the modern era of instant gratification.She made me wait.I had clicked the “send” button and sent my video clip to my foreign correspondent. She was still just an avatar and a screen

A long awaited reunion

pushed my hand against his shoulder and rolling him onto his back, I straddled his hips. Placing my hands on either side of his face I kissed him with everything I had. I felt the kiss in my soul and in that second conveyed to him everything I felt for him. He looked deep into my eyes and smiled a heartbreakingly beautiful smile before kissing me

Truth or Dare [Formerly known as My Next Door Neighbor) (Part 1)

my hard dick. I pushed myself all the way until my balls tapped her ass. I began to thrust myself up and down on her and she began to moan and shudder in ecstasy. I began to moan as I felt myself slowly getting closer to Cumming. I kept going at the rate she wanted, the she said breathlessly, “Go faster!”I began to pump faster with increasing

Kerrie’s Journey - Chapter 8 - Timmy And I Enjoy Sara And Sara Enjoys Us

us half an hour and come join us if you like.”“That ok, Mrs. D?” she asked. I nodded and Timmy smiled broadly!Sara proved to be a remarkably skillful lover for someone so young. She insisted on exploring my body with her fingers, her lips and a very prehensile tongue. My pussy was very wet by the time her fingers, followed shortly by her tongue,

Harry Potter and the Spellbook of Desires - Chapter 5 - The Train

to her fate.‘First… Suck their cocks!’ said Malfoy pointing at both Crabbe and Goyle.‘Ewwww… No’ replied Hermione, as she felt Goyle tighten his grip on her wrist before he started unzipping his pants.‘You heard me Mudblood… Suck their cocks or your friends are getting expelled’ shouted Malfoy, locking the door behind him and letting Crabbe get

Reverse Cowboy On A Six Foot Nine Black Guys 11 Incher

a slim twinkish body, and an 8 inch dick. He’s around 30. Gorgeous black man, a beautiful behemoth standing six foot nine, totally proportioned everywhere. Including between his legs where he’s got an 11 inch black monster dick. I’m a total black cock slut and I’m also a hopeless size queen. So when we get to his place and I get on my knees and

Bag of Tricks

bed."Tonight, we're playing a little game. You stay quiet and do everything I tell you.""Oh, this sounds fun," Jason said mockingly as he sat up, "and what do I get for my cooperation?""Well, you might get to fuck me. But only if you're lucky."Somehow, Kat had caught Jason on a night he was actually in the mood for games. She paused the

Bethany Turned 51 Last Night

She sampled and savored each of them one by one, but being the gentlemen that they are, they were careful not to get too close to cumming. It was her night after all.Meanwhile, we spouses watched from the sidelines. My hard cock strained against my jeans and I couldn't help but rub my hand over it from time to time. My God, what a show they

Desiree’s Star Ch. 04

trying not to make any noise as she glanced at the outline of Jessica’s mound in her shorts. Desiree knew her friend wasn’t wearing any underwear because she had been in the room when Jessica put the shorts on. Desiree smiled to her self as she thought that Jessica had no problems with modesty. As Desiree’s thoughts began to drift and travel, she

Ron and Ronnie Chapter 9 - Sometimes things get a little bent.

talk about it some more.”We had dinner and then Ron handed me a beer. As I drank he asked, “Where did I leave off?”“You said that you had slept with Ronnie and Sally. In the morning while Ronnie slept you said that you and Sally shared how much you had both enjoyed the night.”“Yes, it was very special for both of us.”With that, he continued the

Shower and a Grind

the woman standing in front of me was a goddess. Her long amber hair was tied back in a pony tail. Her immense breasts were harnessed in a neon pink sports bra. Her body was exquisite, tan, defined and a glistening with sweat. Her black yoga pants hugged her hips tightly. I stepped back, still having yet to respond, “Umm of course...water?” She

Me and mom, Under the covers, In the cold. CHAPTER 1

the door, I felt my cock sporting a nice tent in my basketball shorts I wear to sleep.I figured my mom's asleep and it's pretty dark, so I didn't see any reason to tuck it in.Opening the door to my room, I walked into the hall and turned on the light as I made my way towardthe small closet on the other end. As I approached the closet, A sudden

A Practicum in Sensual Awareness Ch. 10

and occasionally bumped into Diana's thighs. Diana moaned loudly. "Take the tip."Diana did as she was asked opening her mouth slightly and allowing the tip of John's penis to pierce her lips. Using her tongue she softly probed the tip. John removed his hands from her hair and gracefully caressed Diana's cheeks. "More." As he moved one of his

Full Package with Jan

feel of that is electric and the deliverance of those wonderful sounds that herald the sheer enjoyment of our delightful sexual encounters. She stretches my ass cheeks to find a snug lodge between and asks me to wiggle just a bit. Then I feel her sweet tongue begin to lick and suck my all and I am engrossed in the ecstasy which for me is heaven

The Mansion (Chapter 1)

say, but then again, it has been like this for the last ten hours or so. Or is it ten days? There is very little else but to do as you’re told. The car drives off, leaving you with just a dress and absolutely nothing else. No money, no passport, no return ticket and you don’t even know where you are. On your stocking-covered feet you start to

Roommate Intweview

her breathing getting heavier. Jenna looked up at her new roommate with eyes begging to be fucked. She was frozen in place, so the mature man straightened up, and pulled his shirt off, and tossed it on the floor. His skin was olive, and he was fit, and toned. Alex’s hand ran through his hair then down his chest. He slowly undid his belt buckle

The Perfect MILF Tutor For the Perfect STUDent

asshole at the same time. Without hesitation, my cock was already throbbing again. I knelt down and slid my rock hard cock into her tight and wet pussy which sucked me in as I continued to submerge my cock fully inside her! She writhed helplessly beneath me. I began to pick up the pace, as I fucked her hard and long! My mind was running at a

My Breanna My Darling 3 (The End)

at all." at that point she walks over to me sits on my lap and starts to kiss me as i lay her on the couch, I was about to open her shirt until she puts her pokes her head up, sticks her tongue out and says "no sex before the wedding" When she said wedding I had a clear view of the future.

An Incest Birthday Chapter 25

still making plans to fuck his life up. Tonight, when I showed up, I was gonna make Randy come with me and I was gonna record him giving me head and send it to you, then when you showed up I changed it to making you two have sex in front of me, but I was still gonna record it. I was gonna use that to bribe you into having sex with each other in

Sexual tears

sobbed in response. No answer coming from her full pink lips. I sat silently, just hugging her. “We’re shitty with men, aren’t we?” I said, trying to stop the sobbing, she nodded her head in reply. Becka raised her head and looked at me, her face inches from mine. I’d always known she fancied me, but I had never felt that way, still didn’t…but it

Magnolia's Mercy

bound, she reached down to give my backside a playful pinch. As I shifted with discomfort, she slipped one manicured finger into the waistband of my briefs, and slowly—very slowly—she lowered them. My swelling erection twitched and bobbed as I felt my underwear side down to my ankles. Though I couldn't see her unblinking gaze or her amused

Charles Helps His Mother Feel Pleasure Again Chapter 3

she finds her way just below her breasts, she slides her hand under the fold and begins to lift them gently, as they raise half way she lets them slide softly through her hands as they smack her ribs, she slides her hands over her breasts slightly touching her nipples, she continues up sliding her finger along the opposite collar bone to the tip

Sissy the Redhead: Making of a Slut Part I

glass-eyed bedroom gaze as I sat down across from her. I made sure my skirt rode up nice and high, and my legs were spread enough for her to get a good look at my bald, wet pussy. “Um, no,” she giggled, looking down at my crotch. “Oh,” I played coy. “I suppose you aren’t old enough to like boys yet.” I knew that wasn’t true based on the

Changes Ch. 05

Robert filled my ravished pussy with more spunk that I had ever known him to spew forth before and the two stiff poles I had been jerking off by hand, rubbing against and even into my stiff and now sore nipples and small breasts shot torrents on to my tits and up onto my neck and face. I was in heaven. A very blissful, spaced out, floating on

Playin' on the Wheel

getting the perfect response I leaned over and kissed you, right there in front of the woman. You were always so jealous, I loved seeing that side of you. Knowing that you were a puppy who wasn't going to share a master.Tugging on your leash, I break the kiss and continue into the festival. Once inside, I could see the tons of rides, not yet all

The Fate Line

so I think you’ll be okay.’ ‘Oh, how lovely!’ The lady chuckled and kind of fluttered away in the direction of a sweet shop. ‘Look at that silly so-and-so,’ said Sammy. ‘You’d think he’d have something better to do than scaring the crap out of people.’ ‘Yeah,’ said Django. ‘What is this ‘The End is Nigh’ cobblers? Let’s sort it.’ Sammy came up

Wedding Corset

Shit!I struggled through the morning, just having drinks as I couldn't face the thought of having food, but that made me want to pee more often. Then after another lie-down, I tried again, still no go. I was getting quite exhausted, as well as starting to get a little upset at myself, I was very uncomfortable.It was mid-afternoon and I was

Band Class

spent. Nodding my head, I thought time VERY well spent.Lethargically, I went through the rest of the class thinking the whole time how I could get something to happen. Thankfully, fate stepped in as I missed the tempo several times while we were playing. The rap of Ms. Sanderson's wooden baton quickly drew my attention."Rebecca Blake!" I heard

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

the edge of the bed. He pulled a storage box out from under the bed and removed some shackles and assorted lengths of rope. Shackling her wrists and ankles, he tied various lengths of rope to her shackles and pulled her arms and legs taut in a spread eagle position.He then dropped his jeans and let his hungry cock spring to attention. He stepped

Early Morning Lovers

She pushed back harder, increasing the depth of his cock inside her as she felt the familiar warmth which was beginning around her hips. She moaned louder as the sensation built, spreading around her hips and up into her stomach. "Now," she whispered in her soft southern accent. "Richard, I'm cumming." The end of her statement a moan which seemed

Mentoring Brandon Chapter 18

a story for another time, but suffice to say it was a disaster, being the first attempt at male/female sex for me and her both.She found her way under the flap in my underwear and grabbed my cock. I was half-hard and that seemed to both shock and disappoint her. However, she managed to pull it out of its confines and wrapped her hand around me.

The Naturist

back at me. Then she was gone, and I decided it was my mind playing tricks on me. It was time to get dressed before I was left completely alone. My clothes weren't in the usual place. I had left them lying casually over a chair. My wicked little pink cotton panties (newly purchased from Victoria's Secret instead of Wal-Mart), peeked out from

A bit of History

ahead and do that,’ came Ben’s voice from behind me. From behind him, Tracy spoke again. ‘Are you sure that $20 is going to be enough for you?’ I turned and looked at her. ‘Explain your question,’ I replied. She shrugged her shoulders and then said, ‘Well, I was just thinking that since you mentioned buying RAM for the computer to help in the

Who has Who 2

so bad that I knew I would do it again this dog had awakened something in me.I have never felt anything like the way that dogs cock in me felt and knew I would do it again and again. I soon began to search for information about bestiality I wanted to know more about it and see if I could find someone to talk to about what I had done and these new

Grade A Performance Pt 2

want knowing. We decided to go to a club downtown this time, a nice place to hit once in a while but not somewhere I’d frequent often. My day went on as it normally did, school all day and then relaxing till I had to get ready, which wasn’t until late because the club scene didn’t really get started till around 11pm around here, and since classes

Breaking the rules

who explained the only rule, not to hurt the girls.  And I went and made my wonderful pick.  She was short, and blond and had very nice tits..she was wearing a sexy thong, and had a very natural tan.  Her name was Mary and she led me to a nice room, all in red, silk red pillows, everything..so I threw on the bed, and said to her ‘Bitch…bend over

Uncle Donnie and Shelby

startled her. She stood and gave him a hug, pressed the ‘call’ button and sat back down, “As soon as the doc gets here, we need to talk.” The doctor and two nurses entered, smiling and telling Don good morning. After checking his vitals, he nodded at Shelby. “Unc.. Daddy,” she began as she glanced up at the nurse closest to her, “I’m not

Hannah’s Mum Spanks Nina

had left the office to go home and Nina tidied up her desk and read again the contract signed earlier and was happy all was in order. Nina sat in her chair and decided to finish the bottle of wine. There were a couple of glasses left. She was thinking about the day, how Mrs. Hopkins had spanked her, then Hannah, twice. Her bottom stung as she

Sam 12

that he was starting to get excited. Moving closer she saw that the male had detected Sam. Good, after he had her completely healed she was going to beat the shit out of his gorgeous, solid body. Stopping her mouth dropped open as she slapped herself as hard as she could.Getting off the floor she gave the male at the console a disgusted look as

The Window

empty streets, feeling completely numb and isolated. Then suddenly, someone stands in front of me. First I notice some riding boots, then a sword, and when I raise my eyes, he excitedly gasps with a choked voice: "Thank God I found you! We will advance soon. So, what are your proposals? Your advice, scout?"With eyes cold as ice, I look at him,

Daughters Black out

unsuccessfully to keep the moans of pleasure inside me. She started to wiggle in her sleep but I just grabbed her ass Hold still! I demanded. I needed to cum and I didnt care if she woke up anymore. Daddddy she said with her eyes slowly opening. I panic and threw the blanket over her face. Go back to sleep! I pounded faster and faster, if she

Together Again

as that caring and loving Kim I had grew to love when we were mere kids growing up. The other change was in her appearance, she was still cute and sexy however, her weight had changed drastically she had gone from around 140 lbs to over 200 lbs. Kim and I sat there on our bed talking, I had just filled her in on what had been going on since she

Miss Sergeant and the Tiny Private

can't even budge a fly! You ought to be ashamed of yourself, Private Wick-Dick!"The newly nicknamed Private Wick-Dick blushed red, completely unintentional as a result of his manhood's shaming. All he could do was attempt to respond back in his loudest voice, which at this point became nothing but uneasy tones and pathetic shouts, "Ma'am, yes

Leather & Handcuffs

yes, I'm a talker, and picked me up, planting a kiss on my lips and depositing me on the couch pretty roughly. "Hello to you too, darling." I murmured as his hands worked at ripping my clothes to shreds. Tacky, yes, but have you ever actually had a man rip the shirt you're wearing right off your body? It makes you hot as hell. Once he had my down

Donna's Ultra-High Heels Bk. 02 Ch. 15

to change for the shelf bra potion of the sweater girl contest. The men meanwhile mingled and sipped bourbon anxiously waiting for them to return in their new sweater outfits. The men were all getting to know Ken much better and Scott as well as Jason in particular, had gotten closer with Ken over the course of the ongoing party. They were the


me and drowning me so I gasp for breath. How quickly your hands have moved, like spiders. Coated in webs of passion, I’m now burning alive. In my soul and in my mind. Like we were made into a cocktail, shaken and stirred. I’m dizzy, d***k, and forgetful, as the vodka, but you being as the water, keep rhythm with your tides. You wash over my legs

Home sweet home

in his pants.      "I wish we were alone.  I'd take care of that problem right now!."  She whispered.      "Oh my god, baby!"  Ted was in a full state of erection as he held her close and kissed her neck and ears.  "Let's go home, pumpkin."      They had no sooner entered their home as their mouths seeked each others, taking turns thrusting their

Alissa and I Part one

upper lip so she could get that cum and sucked it into her mouth. She sucked the cum off her finger. She then put all my cum on her tongue and let it drip down into the depths of her mouth. She brought it all back up for me to see and then swallowed all of it with two huge gulps. “Oh My God, Alissa, that was amazing. You give the best head

Sounds Like My Sister

at it hot and heavy. Well I am not into anal but I had to get into the game. I rolled out of bed and grabbed a tube of KY which Rona uses some time her pussy is small and my cock is wide. While I was getting the KY they shifted .and Sue's butt was facing the side of the bed.All the better I thought I spread the KY all over my cock. I stepped to

Hollywood Noir Ch. 03

He would now be made to beg to be her slave in further affirmation of his new and permanent position, suffering a further sweet humiliation for the pleasure of all onlookers. He had been brash and chauvinistic, and they would relish his sincere admission. Fay strode up to the pole before the whimpering male could begin his pledge of inferiority,

Litten Tree

Paired with these were my new lacy black top which clung to my curvy waist whilst showing off a decent amount of my ample cleavage, unfortunately i was unable to wear a bra with this top due to the low back but being young my breasts were still pert for me to enough to pull it off. I was hoping that i would still be able to dance in 5inch heels.

Lured into Domination Pt. 02

them molesting my face, assaulting my nostrils. It was too much, I turned my head but she cupped my balls and told me it was in my best interest to obey. I liked it but didn't like it at the same time, if that makes sense. Her fragrant feet felt delicious against my skin, my dick twitching with delight. By now she was fingering herself, watching

Entering The Lifestyle Part II

written thus far, as all feedback is greatly appreciated. Now, just sit back, put one finger on the arrow key, place your other fingers wherever you wish, and have a good time!!                 This was like something out of a porn movie. I sit back against the headboard, gripping her hair, as this beautiful sex goddess is trying to take my

Double Trouble

but crazy submissive girl literally came knocking at my door. In fact, this was the first time it had ever happened to me. Now if that wasn’t unusual enough, what about having your favourite submissive girl watching all of this? That would be unheard of for this middle-aged but adventurous man. That kind of thing just didn’t happen. Well, truth

Camping with Stepdaughter 22

next downward motion the head of my cock penetrated her cervix. She moaned OH GOD YES RIGHT THERE. She started just rolling her hips so that my cock was moving just enough to pull against that very special place deep down inside her. She yelled out OH GOD and set straight up and arched her back. Her tight young pussy grabbed at the base of my fat

My First Threesome – Pt 2

my excitement earlier, I hadn’t noticed another door at the end of the room and upon inspection, it led to two other rooms, a small kitchen and a large bathroom with a huge Jacuzzi tub and walk-in shower. I could get used to this! While I was disappointed that they had gone upstairs to retire, I figured that they’d be back soon enough since they

A Special Day in the Life Ch. 00

and seeds on the floor. Of course, it was Mari who had to clean it up and take it outside. Eventually, Mari noticed that fruit and berries were growing from the rich soil in the garbage pile. You didn't think a man invented farming, did you? More proof? Mari's granddaughter, Beth, had to find grapes for her mate because he insisted and beat her

Daddy's Punishment Ch. 01

kept telling myself. The only thing that went wrong is I missed calls from him due to my forgetfulness. I think he may understand about me skipping school since I haven't done it in awhile. Well, as much as he knows this is my first time skipping school. Or is it? Does he know about the other times too? I start panicking all over again. I will

Cuckold Game of Chance

lifestyle off and on for two years. I am 44, about 5’6”, good looking, but not your typical male. Somewhere in my upbringing I became more of a “watcher” instead of a “do-er” in terms of sexuality. I don’t think my little penis of barely 4” is the main cause, but it does play a part of me being the way I am. She is 39, about 5’4”, Latina, with

A Little Knowledge

screaming ‘Me so horny!’ in a public place attracts attention, and Julie had a crowd growing. Julie was pressed against me, lips parted. ‘Me so horny!’ A guy finally walked over and nodded. ‘Hi,’ he said. He glanced at my chest, then looked at Julie. ‘How you doin’, babe?’ He wasn’t going to win any prizes for originality, but Julie was all over

Matt The Lumberjack

huffing from him. "It's that game we used to play as kids.""Game?" Matt looked at his chubby friend. "It's not game." He said. Then, brutally, "How many more years do you think you can go before you get laid?"Albert skidded to a stop. "W-what?" "How is any girl going to want you if they don't think you can protect them?" Matt asked. "Women go for

Take Care

hadn’t brought up Saturday night in a negative way. The fact that hehadn’t brought it up at all, though, just left Noah’s head spinning with the possibilities. Wouldsomething like that ever happen again? Or would his friendship with Mike disintegrate intoawkwardness and avoidance?Well, one thing was certain: Noah’s mind wasn’t getting any clearer


bra covering that beautiful 15 year old breast away, and softly felt it with her hand for a moment, still kissing Kat with not just passion, but pure lust. She Slowly and gently rubbed over her nipple, which was clearly at full attention to her touch. Squeezing a little more and more, she couldnt stand it anymore, she wanted that tit in her

A Chance Meeting

into the bathroom and took a long shower. Her superiors frowned on her long hair but so long as it was in a bun and never visible down, they looked the other way more often than not. She opened her bag and took out jeans and a cashmere sweater that had been a gift from her sister. She loved the way it accented her full breasts and the feel of it

Mr B fucks daughters friend

minute and she could wait in the guest room. Five minutes later I came in she was on the bed. She was still wearing her jeans. I told her she needed to take her pants off, and that I wouldn’t look. She just smiled, and told me she didn’t mind. I had some massage oil that I was rubbing in to her legs, slowly I crept upwards. Soon I was rubbing

SAM Ch. 00-01

that she was somewhere else. She was surprised to find that other than her shoes she was still fully dressed. Moving to her left she was brought up short. She rolled back to the right and found she had a little more freedom that way but was still pulled up short again. Reaching up to her neck she felt the collar and noticed that it had a lead

Lake Tahoe Test Drive Ch. 03

offer otherwise.""I don't...I'm not going to knock this bitch up.""Ain't gonna happen. Trust me.""What about him? I mean, be straight; you sure this is cool, man? I don't know him, got nothing against him, nothing against nobody. No more bad karma for me, man. No way I can go back, you dig? No fucking way, man.""Same here, bro, same here. Gone

In the Parking Deck

belt clinking as he lashed it off. The cracking sound that the belt made when he snapped it, leather beating leather, rattled in her ear, but that was nothing compared to the pain she would endure."Pet, you know this will hurt me more than it will hurt you," and with that he lifted her skirt and she felt the belt slap her skin steadily.

Slut week - Day 1 ends, let day 2 commence

to get some onto my tits. Before I could even grab a breath, he slammed back into me and started licking his cum from my tits. After gathering a load in his mouth, he kissed me, letting me taste his cum and his tongue together. Fuck that tasted good, I'd never had a man do that before. Leaving me swallowing his cum he bent down and got to work on

Dressed To Kill Ch. 16

to the front of the car. ‘If I see you again I’m going to ring the cops! And I’ve got your number plate so don’t fuck me around!’ She stole a glance at his number plate, hoping the six characters would stay in her memory long enough for her to punch them into her phone. He raised his hands in a gesture of surrender. ‘I promise! I am no threat to

My three girl – one guy sex party

not unknown to have up to seven dripping wet pussies at our house and after a few glasses of wine we would play strip poker and then naked twister. For those new to my stories, I should briefly describe myself and my two friends with whom I shared. I’m five feet three and at the time had almost waist length blonde hair and 34DD boobs and a nice

Dance for Me – Chapter Six

He reached with an unsteady hand for the glass of water on the floor by his bed and gulped it down. The room was more dark and lonely than he could bear. He reached for the radio and switched it on, the late night love songs providing some semblance of company in the aching solitude. Everything felt so uncertain and hazy. He felt like he needed

Giselle. A conquered wife. Chapter III

whole length of his shaft slide out of her mouth, the entire black length glistening wet with her saliva, proving she had swallowed every inch. She stood up and began to remove first her dress, then her elegant brassiere and matching knickers. Mobu admired first her large and extremely well-modelled boobs, full and round, each one topped with a

Mia - Chapter 8: First Date

a good time regardless of whether you have sex or not. You can tell me all about it later and I might let you know about the Kevin situation too. Good luck tonight, Frankie xxx _____ To: Frankie Jones From: Mia Daly Date: 12/01/2011 (13.25 EST) Subject: Re:Chin-up! Thank you Frankie. I needed that. Speak to you soon, M xoxoxo *** Mia

Older man and the Virgin

hand. It lasted like what seemed forever and afterwards he told me that I had an orgasm, my very first one at that. I wanted more of that ! I finished my shower and went to bed. Thoughts of him touching me like that .... I wondered what if I did that ? So, lying there in bed I began to explore myself and found that I was wet down there. What ?

Forbidden Love

minge, then fell over backwards and was fast asleep.Elrinvienne looked on in disgust at Medium-Sized Magnus’s behavior, she had been so desperate; she had stooped to bestiality. A succubus would not normally be seen dead in the presence of one of his kind. Though if he hadn’t come along at that precise moment, she may very well have been seen

Shake it up

was laying. They looked deep into each others eyes. Then in a quick motion that started to kiss. With each other’s tongues down there throats. Sliding down to CeCe’s pussy Rocky placed one end of the dildo there and one end at her own vagina. As the smell of sex over came the room the to lovers looked into each other’s eyes. Rocky went down as

Our 17 year old daughter

secret all these years. She’s always wanted to watch and control me having sex with another woman. But, she could never get over the jealousy gene enough to bring it up and to try it. But, me fucking you in front of her, turns her on and there is no jealousy involved, only love for both of us.She wants to grab my cock and put it in your mouth.

Going Home with a Lonely Teacher

tongues we participating in. Still the human need of oxygen overcame us and our lips parted. ‘Damn, I’ve wanted to do that a day.’ She said after taking a moment to breathe, ‘Too bad teachers have to be proper the school day.’ I laughed as I thought back to us in her classroom and picture how she would have looked laid out on her desk as I fucked

Enjoying Amenities

let out a sigh and ran her hands down her thighs, wishing that it was his fingers that brushed her skin. Her fingers slowly made their way under the short uniform and pushed past the waistband of her soaked panties. The embarrassment of how wet she grew, how deeply just a voice and simple touches affected her rushed over her, but not strongly

Saturday Morning

positioned himself so the tip of his cock would just touch her opening. Or, was it her teasing him doing the same until he grew hard again? Either way Karen wanted Dan so badly. She couldn’t wait any longer and slid herself onto him. Karen was so turned on by now. She had Dan right where she wanted him. They started slow, but Karen’s kisses were

Chuck's Chicago Assignment

conversation quickly turned to sex and the other night. "Well, what did you think?" Brenda asked Chuck knew exactly what she was referring to, and he answered honestly. "I had a raging hard-on all the way home, and had to beat off twice to get to sleep." Brenda squealed loudlywith approval."I have to admit, my pussy was pretty wet when I got into

Wife first time shared

her soaking wet cunt. When he was fully up her I let go and fetched my drink before pulling up a chair to watch. They fucked and sucked for the next hour before I just had to cum so while he was doing her doggy yet again I forced my cock almost all the way down her throat before emptying my balls. He left after cuming four times and I shagged her

Little Johnnie, Mr. Green and Aunt Tina

so was looking at it and keeping and eye out so no one would see me with it. Unfortantly that didn't happen. I failed to hear them come up and was surprised when the door opened. The magazine went flying and I tried to act normal but was totally red faced. Someone picked it up, mr. Green I think, and said what do we have here flipping through

My Daughter Nicole

her pussy lips opened up like a flower showing us her clit, her entrance to her vagina, and just how excited she really was. Pamela poked a finger into Nicole’s pussy and put it in her own mouth. She did it again putting her finger in my mouth. After the third time Pamela put her finger into Nicole’s mouth. I was still taking pictures constantly.

Leos Life Part 1

me back. When she mounted I knew she was going to fuck my brains out. She sat all the way down on my cock and started moving her hips back and forth. She had her hands holding herself up on my ass, making her tits push together. I always loved titties, almost more than ass. She started riding me really fast and hard making her big breast bounce

Day Dreaming

nights just call for one really cold beer and tonight is one. Drops bead and drip from the side of the bottle and as I tip it up yet again I feel one drop off and hang perfectly from the very tip of one nipple. I smile to myself knowing the picture this forms in his eyes and damn the fact that he doesn’t have his camera. Reaching down I undo the

Turning Forty, or Fucking my Wife and her Boss

making me fuck her mouth, and soon I could feel my cockhead make contact with the back of Kathryn’s throat. “Suck his cock, Kathryn!” Gaby urged as she guided her head. The feeling was extraordinary, and the outlandishness of the situation made it even hotter. Kathryn’s mouth was skilled, and her tongue fluttered around my erection, with special

Happy Kitty, Horny Kitty

he told her huskily. She moaned and nodded feverishly, her cheeks flushed. He unclipped the nipple clamps that hung on her breasts painfully. The blood rushed back and she gasped at the sudden, stinging pain. The pain dulled and she felt herself get wetter as the throbbing pain joined in her pleasure. Her Master kneaded her breasts gently,

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue Pt2

angular and smooth like something off the catwalk. It was amazing she'd grown into such a raving beauty. Moreover, I'd a lot to thank her for too, not least for helping take my mind off Lisa. I was busily thinking of ways to repay her. "See you in the morning, Gary, " she declared.Leaning over, she teased my chin with a delicate hand and pecked

Our Journey Ch. 01

by steering at me a few call out wahoooooo babe.. I return inside wet and so horny. You ask me if anyone saw me and I tell you they did.. You smile and say “pet I want to shower now and rest please arrange that.. I take your bags to the bedroom and place them at the foot of the bed” I go and run the shower and I hear you enter the room, you look

Online turns real

the local hospital where I told you I would be waiting. I was not sure what you looked like as we had not discussed that in our chats over the computer, it was irrelevant. * * * I watch as people walk in and out, wondering if one of them is you but cannot be certain. After about 20 or so people walk by I finally relax and my mind starts to

Rachel Fucking the Intern

as I headed away. "Follow me. We're going to use an empty office that's over here."Once we got inside, I turned and asked Lauren, “What are you willing and not willing to do to make a major sale?” “Uh,” Lauren had no answer.“Wrong answer. There is nothing you should not do to make a sale. You will get a 10% of your pay in a bonus for every sale

The Runesmith Chronicles 12.1

brighter until he finally lifted her off the ground. Her rock hand had closed on his shoulder, but she seemed to lose a significant amount of strength as soon as she was no longer in contact with the ground, she flailed around in his grip but like everything else she did it was slowed down almost like she was trying to move in water.Kal tossed

100 Centimetres - Experience 13

still dripping down your chest and catching in your chest hair. I instantly pull my hand away from my pussy, the pleasure I felt replaced by fear and regret. You pull me from the bed, and ask me what I had done. Your voice was threatening and loud. Your face was as ominous as a storm cloud. How I knew I had made such a grave mistake. My face gave

My Beautiful Wife, The Shameless Slut - 2

an open back. She was wearing dark stockings and 4” heels. Her hair was up and she looked like a million dollars.We went in and were directed to the table where Cary was seated, I could see that he was giving Claudia an extensive once over. As we approached, Carey stood and greeted us as we shook hands. He was acquainted with Claudia as she

My Nephew and my Hot Tub - Part 1

I moaned really loud as I slipped his cock out of my mouth. His cum drooled out of my mouth and down onto my tits. For a ten year old, he sure shot a man’s load. I had never seen so much cum. I rubbed it over my tits as he settled down into my lap.All of a sudden I had an idea… I said “Hey Mark, wanna see if your mom will let you sleep over

Cheerleading Practice

Stacy noticed me still standing at the shower room entrance.  She whispered something to Heather and they both started walking over to me. "We're sorry Amber.  We've been neglecting you."  Stacy said as she put her arm around me to lead me in as Heather gently removed the towel I had been still clutching.  "Girls," she said.  "We've forgotten all

Teacher, teaches me a lesson

would call stud-like. I was startled by the door opening again. This time it was Miss Evans and she closed the door quietly and walked towards me. “I had to explain to Mr. Davies about your detention,” she started, “about why you had been so naughty in class and why you were now here with me.” I became a little frightened as I imagined Miss Evans

My Fathers Boss

father's bed...to fuck his brains out...Just like I'm going to do to his little girl. It will be like he's fucking you…” he smugly pronounced, biting on my neck and rubbing my inner thigh. I turned to face him, pushing him back and standing in front of him to untie his bowtie, undoing the top buttons on his shirt, pushing the tuxedo jacket off

Night Trawling: The Crossdresser

my car. This was the moment I loved. Making a deal for sex right out in the open was so obvious, but no one even slowed. In this town at night, hookers and their Johns were part of the background, and being invisible to all but my tasty little treat, made my cock twitch and swell. Damn, she was fucking sexy. Every step she took brought her closer

Ass is Now in Session

activities going on. Festivities would range from parties, to gatherings, to food and special showcases and performances. It was expected to be a really big deal and local politicians had even commented about it. It was expected to be covered by the local media as well.For Zara, it meant wearing a traditional Persian dress. She had plenty of

Part 2 - Wife and husband enjoy the same boys

plan. I was an accomplice in our plan. My hand held Michael's head to my cunt as he continued to lap at my cunt. I shivered in my first climax as young Michael expertly lapped my cunt, his tongue traveling up and down my pink slit, and tickling my clitoris.After I had an orgasm Michael rose, taking his prick in his hand he rubbed the head of his

It’s About Time

swear to God, they have each been fucking me ten times a day. I’m forced to wear these damn miniskirts without any panties so that they can have full access to me anytime that they want it and almost anyplace that they want it too.”I asked, “Anyplace?”She looked at me as her face reddened with anger, “They tried to fuck me in church last

2 MILFs & Their's Teen Sons

sex with a man for so long.We thought that the boys might be upset with each other, and decided to just let them work it out themselves. They both had strong feelings for both of us. We risked escalating the situation if it looked like either Sara or I were taking sides with either boy. After just one day the boys were talking and interacting

Claiming and the Claimed

deeper inside of you and I growl as your legs wrap around my waist. Total submission. It was all it took--that little bit of surrender; I'm blinded by unbridled lust, a primitive, primal urgency, fucking with an insane sort of aggression that my mind only half heartedly understood and looked amazed at how well you took each bone shattering

Las Vegas House Party Ch. 01

were no bra or panties.Following Richard's instructions, she dressed and waited in the bedroom. It was nine p.m. before he returned for her. She was sitting in a chair and watching a DVD he had made of her having sex with two women. They were lying on a blanket in the sand at a Caribbean beach. A very thin woman with short blond hair was between

The letter part 3

that one! But that would have been wild if you did, in a way romantic if you think about it. I can only imagine. Things happen for a reason, it doesn't mean I think its good that we never stayed together. But, if I would not have ended things and moved in I would not have my husband. I would not have my little boy, I would not trade him for the

Private Lesson

my sweet student lost control and felt in a deep sleep. But those fifty seconds were just enough to pleasure me enough so I could cum. And I did cummed, a huge load of thick, juicy white semen got injected directly in her throat, quickly going down towards her stomach. I think I'd never moaned this loud. Sadly for her, she couldn't experience it.

Im Horny, Arent You? Part III

see that something is bothering me. Before he asks me, I ask him. Have you ever slept with any other student? my voice was quiet. He starts to laugh, thinking I was probably kidding but it quickly vanished once he saw my expression. I was really curious to find out if it was true or not. I always imagined Henry as a Ladys man. Always hooking up

OffWorld Slave Girl - Chapter 8 - Ursula

or bisexual women visitors they got too. But to expand their business, they had recently taken on a larger number of female pleasure slaves, and advertised this fact in their recent promotions in the main cities. Ursula was hoping as the first new male client from Trenton, I would tell her at the end of my visit what I thought of the resort and

Use Found For Dumb Office Girl

my cock in that over active mouth of Carlys. Today had been no exception and Carly was looking particularly hot as ever. She was wearing a very tight light red blouse that showed enough cleavage to get any man excited. It was also see through enough to make out the detailing on her white lace bra that was hiding her gorgeous tits. Her jet black

This Story Is About Cindy 1:7

things a little. … Changes things? I asked. Well, I had a plan to basically torment you in subtle ways for the rest of your high school career in retribution for your desecration of the temple of Cindys body… but if youre telling the truth I may not have to, Reggie said, his voice calculating. … Subtle ways? I asked, concerned. Reggie smirked.

Unexpected Returns

Miss United States performing..." He shook his head and left the sentence unfinished as he contemplated the future. "This could end your career," he said candidly, "and mine."Charlotte stared at him before speaking. "Or it could be the comeback I need. My career has stagnated, and I've done nothing noteworthy lately. I'm in mid-thirties, and all

Dr. Mastermind

able to practice medicine, no longer able to put on his puppet shows and with a mind filled with rage he quickly spiraled down the social ladder until he hit bottom. Without any notice of the irony of it all, one day he sat at a bus bench in skid row when another person down on his luck plopped down next to him. ‘Hey I know you, you’re the guy

Dommed by a Young Blonde Ch. 02

to music and just getting lost in the drive. She asked the usual questions. How far are we going? Where do I live exactly? Etc. Keeping it safe, it was understandable. When we got to my place, I showed her my room and my liquor cabinet. "Feel free to make yourself a drink.""I think I will." She smiled and grabbed a bottle of rum."I'll get you

What Makes A man?

up our mess. Afterwards, before we opened the door to leave Jeff gave me another kiss.As I lay in bed, my body tingled with pleasure as I replayed what had just happened. ‘Was it a one-off?’ I pondered. The following morning Jeff gave me a naughty wink prior to his regular back washing ritual. During all three meals that day, my knee also got

The Ritual

of the sky and of the ground,” he said loudly, “look down on us this night.” Then he walked back to his hut.A few moments later, the first man walked over the hill. His naked skin was very pale in the starlight. He knelt between Theata’s legs as Karl had done, but he did not touch her. Instead he placed his hands on the ground on either side of


to admit to Thumbelina that he was too big for faerie women. “They call me ‘the pigeon-dicked-Prince.’” Thumbelina remembered the bulge in the prince’s trousers earlier. She wasn’t frightened by it. She guessed it would be over a handful, but definitely something she could work with. This emboldened her and she rose and kissed the prince on the

A Mother's Wrath Ch. 00: Prologue

Abigale until she was asleep in her old room. The moment he daughter was taking the deep breaths of sleep, Liora's face turned to stone, she went to her room, dug out the burner phone she kept for these occasions and called an old friend."Liora, why are you calling at two in the morning?" A groggy voice asked."Noam, shut up and listen! I have a

A Fathers Passion

to me like that. Her cheeks turn red, knowing that I just punished her with my cock. I'm starting to think that she might not be punished after all, I'm having the best sex of my life. I push her legs together, and up towards her head, bending her in half like a taco. My cock is coated in her blood and juices, but I have to admit, her lips grip

She Tapes Her Big Boobs

her pussy before licking it to death. She thought that I was incredible. After her second orgasm she pushed me away and clamped her legs together.Emerald said, “Okay, we’re even now but I still owe you for a wonderful date. You’re hard and I’m ready.”I spun around into a sixty-nine. She said, “Oh no you don’t” and pushed me off from her. She got

Two MILFs and their daughters Chapter 1: The intro plus the daughters

Tessa. Julie was Valerie’s daughter and Tessa was Gina’s daughter. Tessa and Gina were brunettes and Valerie and Julie were blondes. Unfortunately their dads had passed when they were young, but Gina and Valerie had a secret that they had never mentioned to their daughters. That secret was something huge, and one Saturday night, Julie and Tessa

Screams of Joy: Part I

just been fired… there was nothing else to say about it, no protest that would be listened to anyway. But… it’s my birthday! Even though birthdays were meant to be happy days, and everyone is meant to make it special, my new boss and the man that only six days before had been my boyfriend had just fired me.’ I think to myself as I sit on the hot

A Jedi’s Training Ch. 02

entire mind suddenly washed over blankly in pleasure. He stood over her for several moments afterward, legs trembling as he struggled to catch his breath. He could feel her rapid nasal breathing against the skin of his pelvis, her soft lips still wrapped tightly around his cock, which, to his surprise, was still hard. Eventually he released his

Breaking In My New Slut Ch. 02

power to expose her secret and ruin her entire family if I wanted to. That was the sort of control I had never experienced before, and it was mind-blowing.One day I called her in the morning and told her to get dressed for me. I said I was going to come over and use her that afternoon. I also told her that she had to leave all of the drapes open

I See a Red Door Ch. 03

to be so. "Jesus," he said, and he lunged out of the chair and off to the washroom.They were still the only ones in the restaurant, but nonetheless he checked all the stalls in the washroom to be sure he was alone. He entered the wheelchair access stall to give himself more room and pulled the corset out of the bag. It was black. It was leather.

Dilemma 6

had sexual needs, and was seeking some love and affection. All the guys around here were either dorks or sleazy, that unfortunately when she first saw me, she had the hots for me, and would create fantasies about me when at home in her bed. Well the thought of Tracey being at home, touching her whole body thinking of me, sent Mr Penis into orbit,

I Told You So Ch. 16

him. His voice was deep and rich, soothing. I closed my eyes briefly and when I opened them, I saw Susan at the other end of the kitchen watching me with concern and curiosity. We exchanged small smiles but didn’t speak. ‘Mama!’ Josie had seen me and scrambled out of Charles’s lap to run to me. I knelt and hugged her, missing whatever Joe’s

His Little Brown Box

his parents died in a plane crash. Jed moved in with Linice, an old friend of the family, and her daughter. Jed had done odd jobs for Linice over the years and her cabin continued to need more work. At her suggestion they shared upkeep and he would look after her daughter, Shailly, 18, while her mother was gone. He brought in food for the table

Eye Contact

by the moment. Kerri could not believe that she was receiving such pleasure from another women. Kerri did not want it to stop. Anne’s hands finally slid down inside Kerri’s bra and over her nipples. Kerri’s legs became weak from the excitement. Anne pinched each nipple causing Kerri to shudder and groan. Kerri had to place her hands on Anne’s

The incest video interviews chapter 6

couple, I guess. The first day I felt it, I just asked them if I could join in once," June explained.My mouth was open, and I had a little puddle on the floor."Holy shit, and then you two accepted?" I wondered."Well, I supported them, so they thought it was only fair to do that for me," June replied."What kind of sex did you have your first time

Beach Man

He began squirting into my mouth almost immediately and I stayed on him until I swallowed every drop. He tasted good, mildly tangy and a tiny bit salty. I actually licked my lips.He wanted me to stay through dinner and spend the night. I must say it was a hard offer to resist. I wanted more of this man and just the fact that he thought he could

Snow and the River Ch. 02

she was a piece of art. He raised himself up on his arms and she waited breathlessly for him, her legs spread, her hands trembling uncertainly against her breasts. ‘So quick?’ he asked. ‘Don’t you want to see all my tricks? All the things I can do?’ ‘Oh Jack, don’t tease!’ she breathed harshly. ‘Don’t tease me now.’ His smile faded as he looked

Miss M Switches...

was breathing very heavily. I took my mouth off of his cock and rose up, adjusting my lipstick and told him to put his little cock away and get out of the car.Inside -- I looked for fabric and asked him loudly to weigh in on which one I would buy. He knew that it was going to be used to tie him up later -- I chose a bright blue stretchy fabric

Unbearable Attraction (True Story)

back and sighs as I rub the lukewarm semen around my breasts and nipples. I glance seductively to him as he beams, handing me a blanket to clean off my face and chest. He squats down beside me with a big smile on his face as I wipe my jaw. “That was amazing.” He says breathlessly. I say nothing. I only grasp his face tightly with both my hands